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10+ Best Gift Ideas to Cheer Up Bedridden Patients

10+ Best Gift Ideas to Cheer Up Bedridden Patients

Being stuck in bed can be a truly challenging experience, regardless of the cause. The physical restriction is not the only ailment bedridden patients have to deal with. Such a limited lifestyle can many times lead to depression, anxiety, and mental illness.

A bedridden person can be a family member or a close friend. We want to make them feel better and lift their mood. A small gesture, like a meaningful gift, might be just what you need to make their day. But what gift can you get for someone who is bedridden? We will present you with some options right now:

There are many thoughtful gift ideas for bedridden people that you can choose from. It could be an item that would support their physical needs or something to entertain them and take their mind off things. A sitting bed pillow, shelf table, leg massagers, or fancy bed sheets can make bed rest much more comfortable. Self-care and skin products can help bedridden patients take better care of themselves. If you want to get a more personal gift, then a photo memory book, music gifts, personalized puzzles, or a therapy doll might be the way to go. The choices are endless.

Choosing the perfect gift for bedridden patients is not always easy, especially if they’re elderly. What do you buy someone who has seen it all? Can they still be surprised? Do old people even like gifts? Well, studies show that indeed they do. Elderly people love receiving gifts. This is why you should put a lot of thought into choosing the right one. This article will help you find the best gift to get a bedridden friend or family member.

When Is the Best Time to Give a Bedridden Patient a Gift?

Well, any time is a good time to get someone a thoughtful gift. If a holiday or a special day is coming up, you can take the chance to make a day out of it by bringing a gift.

This can be Christmas, an anniversary, or the person’s birthday. So, before you visit your bedridden friend or family member next time, make sure to look up any upcoming occasions you can celebrate together.

However, you don’t have to wait for a special occasion to get a gift. Just getting the person a gift on a random date is enough to make their day special. The surprise alone can make it more valuable when they’re not expecting such a meaningful gesture.

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Top 13 Gift Ideas for Bedridden Patients

Whether your friend or family member is elderly or young, temporarily or permanently bedridden, we have some gift ideas that are sure to make their bed rest more endurable.
These great gift ideas for bedridden patients will help them sit in bed more comfortably, be more productive, and stay entertained and engaged.

Sitting Pillow For the Bed

We all can’t wait to get back home after a long tiring day to sit and relax in our comfy beds. Staying, however, for days in bed can be paradoxically exhausting. Your muscles and bones start to ache, especially at the body’s pressure points. This is something that bedridden patients have to deal with on a daily basis.

Patients on prolonged bed rest struggle to find a comfortable sitting position in bed. It’s a pain to read, work on their laptop, or just watch TV. They struggle with small and big cushions trying to build a mutated chair-like pillow structure that fails before they finish reading one page of their thriller.

This is why a sitting pillow chair is possibly the top gift you can get for a bedridden person. It can get them into a comfortable seated position without having to leave the bed. With neck support and armrests, a bedridden patient can sit up, read, watch TV, and even work with maximal support and comfort.

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Bed Shelf Table

An adjustable laptop desk for the bed is another great gift idea for a younger bedridden patient. Just because they’re on bed rest, it doesn’t mean they won’t be working or they can’t be productive.

A laptop bed table makes it much easier for a bedridden person to use their laptop. It provides a stable surface and gives the person more flexibility and freedom to move in bed without risking the laptop falling.

In addition to boosting productivity, you’ll be boosting their morale by reminding them that they can still be very valuable despite their physical restriction.

You can also get an all-purpose adjustable bed tray for bedridden patients of any age and interest. These can be useful for reading, using appliances, applying self-care products, eating, solving puzzles, and more.

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Self-care Gift Bag

Just because someone is bedridden does not mean that they don’t value self-care. A personal gift bag with different self-care products can be a perfect gift for them. It can tend to their personal bodily needs and help them maintain a good physical state.

You can get a small bag with different products, such as a brush, hand-held mirror, facial wipes, chapstick, moisturizer, or dry shampoo. These help bedridden patients take care of themselves and feel fresh and clean.

Moisturizers with high nourishing, emollient, and revitalizing power, like Bioderm Dermocrema, can keep their skin healthy and hydrated and protect it from constant friction with bedsheets. Such products prevent skin damage from the constant pressure of the bodyweight against the bed.

Or a product like Bioderm Barrier Paste that helps prevent friction or pressure redness. Such products prevent skin damage caused by the constant pressure of body weight against the bed.

Skin cleansing products are great to take makeup off and keep the skin clean. And don’t forget hand sanitizer – an essential gift during the pandemic. If you want to go the extra step, then you can choose a brand that is skin-friendly, like the Biogesan Delicate Hand Cleanser.

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Photo Memory Book

Gifts don’t always have to be practical. A sentimental gift is as valuable for a bedridden person as any other gift.

One very thoughtful gift idea is the photo memory book. That’s a sure winner on any occasion. This is especially true in bedridden elderly patients and patients with dementia who are having trouble keeping track of all their memories, friends, and family members.

You can collect old photos and new photos in a scrapbook, add notes from family members, and decorate it with signatures and colors to make it more personal.

Such simple, yet meaningful gift ideas are sure to warm up the heart of any bedridden patient.

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Personalized Jigsaw Puzzles

This is another personal favorite: the personalized jigsaw puzzles. There are so many great things about this gift that make you wonder why people don’t get it more often.

A jigsaw puzzle is entertaining, challenging, and stimulates the mind. It’s a perfect gift to help a bedridden patient feel more engaged and mentally active.

By personalizing the jigsaw puzzle, you’re guaranteed to make them love your gift even more. It will be both an entertaining and meaningful gift that they will cherish forever (unless they can’t solve it).

Puzzle personalizzato

Fleece Blanket With Sleeves

Another practical and thoughtful gift idea for someone who’s bedridden is a fleece blanket with sleeves. Yup, these babies are sure to keep them warm on the cold winter days.

See, with regular blankets, you cannot use your phone, read a book, or hold out the remote without your arm(s) freezing. You try to read or scroll on Facebook under the blanket but you almost suffocate.

A fleece blanket with sleeves will help a bedridden patient stay warm without further limiting their physical reach. It’s an especially useful gift for elderly patients who cannot tolerate the cold as well as the young.

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Skin Care Products

If you want your bedridden friend to feel more self-confident and well taken care of, then skincare products are the way to go.

Staying in bed can make one lose self-confidence, feel less attractive, and quickly stop caring for their cosmetic appearance and skin health. You need to remind the patient of how beautiful they are and encourage them to take better care of their looks.

Anti-aging creams, face scrubs, and facial masks can be the perfect gift to boost a patient’s self-confidence and put them back on track. Our top suggestions include:

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Echo Show with “Alexa” Voice Assistant

It’s 2022, and robot voice assistants are now mainstream. Amazon’s Echo Show with Alexa voice assistant is one of the most affordable and most useful gifts that you can get a bedridden patient.

The advanced voice assistant can significantly improve the quality of life of someone who is bedridden or has limited mobility. These intelligent companions can respond to a patient’s voice. They can dim the lights, turn the heating up, play music, play a movie, answer simple questions, and make life much easier. They can also use it to video chat with family and friends to combat loneliness.

It’s a perfect gift, whether you’re getting it for someone recovering from a stroke, Parkinson’s disease, or multiple sclerosis. An Alexa voice assistant can help them be less dependent on their caregivers and more self-reliant.

Echo show alexa

Music is The Answer

Life without music would be so boring. It’s true. Music stimulates the brain and takes us places without even having to leave our beds. So, music and music-related gifts are always a good idea for patients who are bedridden and have a musical ear.

Here are a few great musical gift ideas:

  • Buy a small traditional music box if you’re looking for something nostalgic
  • Get a musical-themed gift like record-shaped coasters, a karaoke mic, or a piano-shaped cutting board.
  • Get them an old vintage record of their favorite band.
  • Buy them a subscription to one of many great music streaming services (Spotify, Youtube Music, Deezer, etc.)
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Fancy Bed Covers

Although not the most creative idea, high-quality or luxury bed covers can be a great gift for patients who are bedridden.

Good bedding can make the bed more comfortable. Get something extra soft or silky. Consider microfiber or flannel bed sheets depending on the season. Make their stay in bed as luxurious and comfortable as possible.

You can even add a new pillow, pillowcase, and new linen to complete the set.

Find out what style and colors they would like by letting them know you are purchasing a new set for yourself. Use magazines, brochures, or even online stores to get an idea of what they like.

Then surprise them on your next visit or maybe even surprise them by ordering what they like right then and there online.

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Compression Socks

High-quality compression socks are a thoughtful and practical gift for patients on prolonged bed rest.
Compression stockings make the legs feel more comfortable. They prevent swelling, and cramping, reduce muscle aches and prevent blood clots from forming in the legs. It’s important to choose a high-quality brand that does not cause skin irritation or fits uncomfortably on the legs.

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Leg Massager

Another great tech piece and gift idea for bedridden patients is the leg massager. They come in all sizes and shapes and can make bed rest more comfortable and therapeutic.

An electric leg massager or vibrator can relax the muscles, improve blood flow, reduce pain, and prevent swelling. It’s a great way to show a bedridden person that you care so much about their wellbeing and comfort.

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If you want to cheer a bedridden person up, then getting a gift is the simplest way to go about it. Everybody loves gifts. Any gift, any time. You can choose any one of the top gift ideas we just shared, or let your creativity flow. We’re sure it’ll be a gift they’ll love.


How do you keep a bedridden patient entertained?

There are several ways you can entertain someone who is bedridden. You can engage in conversations about topics of interest for you both. You can watch a movie or series together. You can play board games or cards to stay engaged and entertained at the same time.

How do you cheer up a bedridden person?

Cheering up a bedridden patient can sometimes be challenging. A visit or phone call can many times be enough to lift their mood up. You can consider spending more time with them and visiting them more often to cheer them up. Engaging in two-person activities, like playing board games, can also be effective in making them feel better. Another way to cheer a bedridden person up is to get them a thoughtful gift.

What can you do for fun when you can’t walk?

Bedridden patients are physically limited to their beds, but there are still many entertaining activities they can do. Hearing music, watching TV, reading a book, drawing, playing board games, solving a puzzle, playing video games, and engaging in handcrafts are all great engaging activities for bedridden patients.