Farmoderm – Bebé

Care and hygiene for the sensitive skin of babies

Farmoderm Bebe is our line of products recommended by dermatologists and midwives for your baby’s extra delicate skin. Suitable from birth.

The skin is the direct interface between the body and the outside world. However, baby’s skin is particularly sensitive and vulnerable. Its barrier function is not yet sufficiently developed. In fact, babies’ skin is much more permeable than adult skin and reacts strongly to any kind of stress.

This is why we developed Farmoderm Bebe. We want to offer you the perfect care for your little ones. Based on our knowledge and more than 30 years of experience in the pharma-dermatological industry, our Farmoderm laboratory has designed a complete line for hygiene, prevention, protection and care. Everything your little one needs.


3 key elements

Dermatologically tested

Maximum quality and safety for particularly sensitive skin.

Paraben, silicone and fragrance free

No harmful ingredients with natural active ingredients and a 100% vegan formula. Only the best for your child's skin.

24h protection

Our products protect baby's skin for 24 hours. Long lasting, high quality protection.

With natural efficacy

Our products are particularly effective thanks to their natural ingredients, these are our favorites:

  • Zinc has an antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and wound-healing effect. In newborns, zinc is particularly effective against diaper rash, which is why our diaper cream contains 10% zinc oxide.
  • Shea butter is moisturizing and hydrates the skin. Because a baby’s skin dries out faster than an adult’s, shea butter is a must in baby products. It also promotes soft, smooth skin.
  • The antibacterial and antifungal properties of thyme keep baby’s skin healthy and fresh.

Our origins and our brand

30 years of dermo-pharmacological research


Recommended for particularly sensitive skin

Thanks to high-quality ingredients and the unique formula, our products are especially suitable for sensitive and irritated skin with signs of skin irritations or itching.

Highest quality and effect

All our products are the result of extensive research in our laboratory. Our baby products have been used in hospitals, nurseries and midwives in Italy for more than 30 years. 100% made in Italy.

Our Mission

Our mission is to take care of the most sensitive skins. For this reason, we have decided to expand from Italy to the world in order to offer our expertise to your precious little ones.

Contact us

Ask for commercial information, advice on the use of our products or buy directly in our e-shop.