Farmoderm – Senior

A gesture of love and affection for our relatives

As we age, the skin loses its properties, becomes thinner, drier, loses oil and does not look as smooth as it used to. It therefore requires special care. Farmoderm’s 30 years of experience have enabled us to create a line of especially sensitive and caring products for seniors that are free of parabens, silicones, perfumes and dermatologically tested.

Our senior products are packed with essential vitamins, effective natural ingredients and powerful ingredients to prevent dryness, itching and irritation of aging skin, provide the skin with necessary ingredients and prevent unwanted odor.

Farmoderm Senior is used daily by hundreds of thousands of seniors and hospitalized patients for daily hygiene, prevention and care. Our products are recommended by dermatologists, nurses and physicians.


4 key elements

Dermatologically tested

Highest quality and safety for particularly sensitive skins

Free of parabens, silicones and perfume

No harmful ingredients, rich with natural ingredients. Only the best for the skin of your most important people.

24h protection

Our products protect the skin for 24 hours. Long lasting, high quality protection.

Elimination of odors

Thanks to the vegetable oils and extracts it contains, it feels clean, fresh and protected after application and bad odors are avoided.

With natural efficacy

Our products are particularly effective thanks to their natural ingredients. These are our favorites:

  • Zinc has an antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory effect and can heal wounds. For people with incontinence, zinc is particularly effective against diaper rash, which is why our cream contains 10% zinc oxide.
  • Shea butter is moisturizing and hydrates the skin, gives the skin a natural glow and has anti-aging properties. In fact, shea butter supports cell regeneration, increases collagen production and thus effectively fights wrinkles.
  • Tea tree oil soothes and relieves the discomfort of itchy skin thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties. The plant is also antibacterial.
  • The antibacterial and antifungal properties of thyme keep the skin healthy and fresh.

Our origins and our brand

30 years of dermo-pharmacological research


Recommended for particularly sensitive skin.

Thanks to the high-quality ingredients and unique formula, our products are especially suitable for sensitive and irritated skin with signs of skin irritations or itching.

Highest quality and effect.

All our products are the result of extensive research in our laboratory. Our baby products are used in hospitals, nurseries and midwives in Italy for more than 30 years. 100% made in Italy.

Our mission

Our mission is to care for the most sensitive skins. For this reason, we have decided to expand from Italy to the world in order to offer our expertise to your loved ones.

Contact us

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