Sofia Bianchi's Triumph Overcoming Bowel Cancer and Discovering the Secret to Peristomal Skin Care

A young teacher who has suffered bowel cancer and now has to live with a stoma claim that an 8.99€ cleanser with thyme and tea tree oil extract helped to calm her peristomal skin and keeping it free from irritation, redness, and itchiness while keeping the skin barrier tight.

When you meet Sofia Bianchi, the first thing you notice is her radiant smile and the confidence she exudes. But behind that smile lies a story of resilience, determination, and a journey of self-discovery. Sofia, a brave bowel cancer survivor, has not only fought the life-threatening disease but has also had to adapt to a new way of life with a stoma.

For those unfamiliar, a stoma is an opening on the abdomen that can be connected to either your digestive or urinary system to allow waste to be diverted out of your body. It’s a life-saving procedure for many, but it comes with its own set of challenges.

The Challenge of Living with a Stoma

Adjusting to life after the surgery was a steep learning curve for Sofia. While finding the right ostomy pouch was a significant hurdle, adapting her daily life to living with a stoma presented its own set of challenges. However, the ultimate test was managing the persistent skin irritation surrounding the stoma, which became her primary concern.

Sofia’s post-surgery experience was marred by troubling symptoms around her stoma. The peristomal skin frequently exhibited signs of inflammation, characterized by pronounced redness, rashes, and uncomfortable swelling. The discomfort didn’t end there; she often felt a persistent itch and pain in the area.

Despite diligently following her stoma therapist’s advice, Sofia found herself in a quandary. She had been advised against using any cleansers or soaps on the peristomal skin, a guideline she adhered to religiously. Yet, the redness and itchiness persisted, making her daily life even more challenging. In her quest for relief, she tried using regular shower gels, only to discover that the moisturizers, fragrances, and perfumes contained within interfered with the adhesion of the skin barrier. It felt like a never-ending cycle of trial and error, with Sofia desperately seeking a solution that would offer her the comfort she so deeply yearned for.

Amidst the physical challenges, Sofia grappled with a profound emotional toll. Having already endured the harrowing journey of cancer, she had hoped for a reprieve. Instead, she was met with the relentless challenges of living with a stoma. “After everything I’ve been through, facing these constant struggles felt like a cruel twist of fate,” Sofia reflected. The weight of hopelessness pressed heavily on her, as she wondered if she’d ever find a moment of true relief and normalcy in her life again.

The peristomal skin, the region encircling the stoma, is notably sensitive. In her desperation to find a solution, Sofia made what she thought would be her last attempt to get her peristomal skin under control. “I resorted to using alcohol to cleanse the area,” she remembers, “but it turned out to be a catastrophic mistake. My skin became inflamed, exhibiting persistent redness, itchiness, and irritation.”

What is Irritant dermatitis caused by chronic discharge?

Irritant dermatitis caused by chronic discharge refers to skin inflammation that occurs due to prolonged exposure to certain irritants present in bodily discharges. In the context of stoma care, this typically pertains to the skin (peristomal skin) surrounding a stoma.

Irritant dermatitis usually occurs when:

  • The hole cut out of the adhesive plate is too large for the stoma
  • The plate is not applied correctly to the peristomal skin
  • The stoma bag is leaking

Signs and symptoms:

  • In the initial phase, the peristomal skin will appear inflamed: redness/rash, swelling, pain, and itching.
  • In a secondary stage, if the discharge continues to occur for a long time, blisters may appear and may lead to loss of skin in the affected area (ulceration). The longer the contact with the effluents, the worse the damage to the peristomal skin will be.

The Game-Changer: Bioderm Stoma Plus

It was during one of her regular visits to her stoma therapist that Sofia was introduced to Bioderm Stoma Plus. Designed specifically for sensitive peristomal skin, this cleanser promises to be gentle yet effective.

Sofia admits she was skeptical at first. “After my experience with alcohol, I was wary of trying anything new. But I was desperate for a solution.” And so, she decided to give Bioderm Stoma Plus a shot.

The results? Nothing short of miraculous.
“After just a couple of uses, I noticed a significant reduction in the redness and itchiness,” Sofia shares. “It felt like my skin could finally breathe.”

Bioderm Stoma Plus is a soft and sensitive cleanser developed specifically for peristomal skin care. Its gentle formula ensures that the skin remains free from irritants, allowing it to heal and maintain its natural barrier. At its core is the self-balancing pH® formula, meticulously crafted to restore the correct acidity balance between two distinct areas: the stoma and the surrounding skin.

A New Lease on Life

Step by step, Sofia began to reclaim her life. Central to her newfound confidence was establishing a peristomal skincare routine, a meticulous 10-step process that included the game-changing product, Bioderm Stoma Plus. “Finding the right skincare routine was the turning point for me,” Sofia reflects. “With each step, I felt more in control, more like my old self.”

The persistent itchiness, redness, and pain that once dominated her days became distant memories. “It’s astounding how the right products can make such a difference,” she muses. For Sofia, and countless others navigating life with a stoma, the journey is undeniably challenging. Yet, with dedication and the right care regimen, it’s possible to not only restore skin health but also rediscover the joy and confidence that once felt lost.